Anonymous asked:

What's it like being Hispanic/Latino? Btw which term do you prefer Hispanic or Latino? And also if you could be any other race or ethnicity what would you be and why?

hip-hop-lifestyle answered:

Man i don’t care, people call me mexican 9 times outta 10 anyway. I’m Salvadorian and that’s just how I like it, I don’t really care bout being anything else than what I am.

As far as what it’s like..idk man i like having my own culture and having traditions and stuff. Idk how white people do it…i mean, regular ass food every day just doesn’t sound that great.

I will say that growing up poor made me envious of white people tho…my mom cleans houses and growing up she’d take me to some of these places and i was always like…jealous and just bitter that my mom had to go to these places and clean ‘em up and head back to our shitty home

these kids had everything and crazy ass rooms and it made me reflect early on about the life i lived and all that. idk, ive grown up extremely observant.

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